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The Ultimate Journey Tour Santorini

The Ultimate Journey Tour Santorini

8-hour private santorini tour, either daytime tour starting at 10:00 or including sunset starting at 12:30

It is impossible to see the whole beautiful island of Santorini within one day. However, if you wish to get a taste of what the island has to offer, we prepared for you a day tour which combines visiting the most interesting places with relaxation. You do not have to worry about the comfort of your trip as we always drive you in the most luxurious conditions of elegant VIP cars, while respecting your safety and privacy. Our chauffeurs are very friendly people though, so any time you want to chat you will not be disappointed.

The Ultimate Journey Tour Santorini lasts 8 hours and you can choose if you want to start it early morning or around noon instead. In the latter option you can stop to enjoy the stunning sunset towards the end of the tour. There are many interesting places waiting for you to be seen or visited during the full day tour around Santorini. It is hard to say what is the main attraction of the tour because it utterly depends on your personal preferences. We know that some clients love wine tasting and taking a break for a swim, others show more interest in visiting archeological excavation sites where they learn interesting stories about Santorini’s past. Whatever is your favorite part of the tour you will be satisfied with all you see and experience.

Visit Points

Lighthouse of Akrotiri
  • Let us take you, in style, to one of the oldest and the most beautiful lighthouses in Greece and at the same time another picturesque spot on the map of Santorini. The lighthouse is situated on the edge of a high cliff right above the sea. It is a must visit location as it offers some impressive views over Santorini and the ruins of prehistoric Minoan city as it is located just a stone’s throw from the archaeological site of Akrotiri. The best time to visit the lighthouse is during sunset when you get the most impressive scenery of the island and sea soaked in orange and red colours.

    The lighthouse was built by a renowned French trading company in 1892 and during its first 100 years of operation was using petrol fuel as the main power source. Since the connection to electricity, the lighthouse has been operated electronically and emits a beam of light every 20 seconds.

    Visiting the lighthouse of Akrotiri is a part of our half day or sunset time tour, both of which are designed to take you to the most picturesque places on the island. Our experienced chauffeurs will drive you in the comfort of our VIP cars we have available.

Red Beach photo shooting visit
  • The Red Beach takes its name from the unique red colour of the surrounding cliffs and sand. Same as the whole landscape of Santorini, the beauty of the place was shaped by the volcanic eruptions. Despite a wild scenery, the beach is semi - organised with few beds and umbrellas. Book a luxurious private tour which includes visiting the Red Beach and enjoy an austere beauty out of this world. However, what is not out of this world is the VIP feeling you will have during all our elegant tours of Santorini. What is on offer is unparalleled!

Akrotiri Archaeological Site guided tour
  • Holidays in Santorini without visiting Akrotiri is like a trip to Athens without visiting Parthenon, it simply cannot be skipped! We offer you a comfortable and elegant ride to one of the oldest and most important archaeological sites in the Aegean, known as the “Greek Pompeii”. The prehistoric settlement, which by the end of third millennium BC became a wealthy and important harbour, was destroyed around 1600 BC by one of the largest volcanic eruptions in human history. There is a popular belief that the Minoan Bronze Age settlement of Akrotiri was the inspiration for Plato’s story of Atlantis, one of the unanswered mysteries of mankind.

    Akrotiri has been preserved down the centuries thanks to the volcanic ash that buried the prehistoric settlement. Extensive modern excavations that started in 1967 revealed the full value of the site with its stone paved streets, two- and three-story houses, frescoes depicting people and animals, wooden furniture and pottery telling a lot about the Ancient Greek societies. It looks like the citizens managed to escape their city before the final eruption and that is why no human remains were find on the site. Everything what was left behind told the scientists the story of highly developed community governed by democratic principles and intellectual ideas pertaining to social relationships. The inhabitants kept sheep and goats, planted wheat and barley, produced olive oil and wine, many of them were traders, mariners, farmers, craftsmen or artisans. The prehistoric Therans managed to establish the trade relations with Crete, mainland Greece, Cyprus, Syria and Egypt, while having themselves more time for pleasurable activities like art of good eating.

    As you walk through a maze of pathways the story of the great prehistoric civilisation unfolds in front of your eyes. It is a paradigm of a civilisation at its peak and its sad ending.

Black Sand Beach (take a break for a swim or only stop by and continue to the other stops)
  • Black sand can be found on many Santorini’s beaches where the sand is mixed with the pumice, the volcanic ash and the bits of solidified lava left by volcanic eruption that occurred 3,600 years ago. Having said that there are only few beaches which are solidly black and therefore a must-see.The most popular and well organised black beaches are Perissa Beach and Perivolos Beach, both located on the southeast coastline. There offer sunbeds and umbrellas, a wide selection of water sports as well as restaurants and cafes. Perivolos beach is very popular among young people because of abundance of beach bars and famous DJ guest appearances, while Perrisa with its water park is more popular among families with children. Our private beach tours will bring you to those amazing beaches in the most luxurious way possible, in the comfort of a safe and well equipped elegant car.

Monastery of Prophet Ilias
  • The monastery of Prophet Ilias, built in 1711 is a stunning example of Cycladic architecture. The monastery is perched on a mountain overlooking the whole area. During your tour around Santorini, we will take you there for a short stop to get a tremendous view from the highest point on the island.

    No better way to visit spiritual places than by reaching them in our exclusive cars.

  • Walking or taking public transport to reach the highest village on the island does not sound very appealing but what if you can travel there in the most comfortable way? Our chauffeur will take you for a short trip to the traditional village of Pyrgos, the place that boasts the most amazing panoramic views of both sides of the island. The village gained well-deserved reputation of being “Hidden Gem” of Santorini due its authentic character, laid back atmosphere and marvellous location. Once you are in Pyrgos head to its highest point - the Venetian castle, where the view is unexampled.

    Take your time to wander through the narrow streets, grab a coffee or a snack, soak in the views and enjoy natural beauty present around every corner.

Famous Winery & the Wine Museum
  • You have the opportunity to visit one of the best santorini wineries and wine museums, where you can gain insights into the local traditions and taste santorini wine varieties.

Firostefani Blue Dome Church: Santorini famous postcard photo with cruise ship
  • Firostefani village is quiet, elevated settlement offering some of the best views on the island and easy escape from usually crowded Fira. Located just 10 mins walk up the footpath from Santorini’s capital, Firostefani has a character of traditional village, but you will find there also beautifully located cafes and restaurants.

    Enjoy the stroll through the narrow alleys of Firostefani, where every stop offers a splendid view to the wild beauty of the caldera. Take a picture of the Blue Dome and Bell Tower of Firostefani Church., built at the edge of the cliff and well known from the postcards.There is no better way visiting Firostefani than with one of our VIP car tours and in the reliable hands of our experienced local chauffeurs.

  • As we drive you north from Firostefani you arrive to the little village of Imerovigli, known as “the balcony of Santorini” or “the balcony to the Aegean”. The name comes from the fact that the village is situated at the highest point of the Santorini’s caldera offering the breathtaking views accompanied by tranquil and romantic atmosphere. Like in the other Cycladic villages, here too you can wander through cobblestone alleys in the idyllic scenery characterised by ubiquitous presence of whitewashed houses and blue domed churches.

    The main attraction of Imerovigli is an immense rock called Skaros, formed over centuries by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and used in the past as a fortress.

    Take a moment to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings and get ready for the unforgettable spectacle of the setting sun.

    Besides it is all about luxury and having the most exclusive experiences during your holidays in Santorini. Our elegant private tours and the experience chauffeurs will make sure all your demands for a VIP holiday will be met.

Oia picturesque alleys and famous sunset
  • Oia is stunning! The most picturesque village of Santorini with one of the most famous sunsets in the world draw thousands of tourists every year. It literally is as impressive as presented in holiday brochures or on the postcards. Built on a steep slope with white-washed houses nestled in niches, blue-domed churches, characteristic windmills that adorns the village and endless blue sea in the background Oia is like a place from your dreams.Stroll through the narrow alleys, visit local galleries and shops and enjoy the most incredible views waiting at every corner.

    Even though we may say that Oia is a model representative of Cycladic architecture, the truth is that the village owes its elegant, sophisticated style to the renovation works that were carried after a devastating earthquake of 1956. Oia was one of the most damaged cities, but its beauty was then restored under the preservation and development plan.

    If you are interested in history and culture of places, you visit then you should go to the Naval Maritime Museum with rich collection depicting the naval history of the island. Another spot worth visiting is Agios Nikolaos castle, one of the five Venetian castles in Santorini, built around 1450. It is also one of the hot spots for sunset viewing. For some extra activity you can walk down 300 steps to the Ammoudi bay which hosts Oia’s small port with waterfront taverns and restaurant serving fresh fish and sea food.

    Finally, Oia has one of the famous sunsets in the world admired by the crowd gathering every evening and searching for the best observation spot. The beauty of this magical village is at this time enlightened by vibrant oranges and reds of Santorini’s sunset.We include Oia in our luxurious private tours around Santorini. Once our chauffeurs drive you there in the best possible cars you could hire in Santorini, they make sure to give you plenty of time to visit the place and shoot photographs that will keep your memories of the most wonderful holiday in Santorini alive.

Tour Includes

  • Pick up and drop off from your hotel
  • Private local guide (in English)
  • Bottle of Water
  • Refreshing towel
  • Free wifi
  • Transport by air-conditioned minibus
  • Phone charging
  • All local taxes

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Tour Name The Ultimate Journey

Total Cost560

  • Call us at +30 6971 995453 for last minute reservations or for modifications.
  • Our staff will be waiting for you at Santorini airport or Santorini port holding a sign with your name or will pick you up from your hotel.
  • Even in case of your flight/boat delay our staff keep expecting you.
  • We also help you with your luggage and offer you any other information/service you may want.
  • Free baby car seat (upon request).
  • We ensure confidential handling of all your personal data we received.
  • Cancellation policy: For Cancellation more than 7 days before the transfer/tour, the deposit is refundable. For Late Cancellation/Non Show, the deposit is non refundable.
  • All above rates are quoted in euros, per transfer/tour and include all local taxes. They don't include any amounts for food, drinks and entrance tickets for museums/archaeological sites.

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